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Frequently Asked Questions

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Taking part

How can I receive an invite?

Registration for ShopandScan Receipts is currently only open to specially invited households and individuals.

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What type of phone do I need to take part?

Our ShopandScan app is compatible with iPhone and Android (Google) smartphones. Your iPhone must have at least iOS version 5.0. Android phones must have Android version 2.2 and be able to install apps from the Play Store.

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Can I still take part if I change phone?

Yes, you can install the app on a new phone and log in using the username you received when registering. Please note it is only possible to install on iPhone and Android (Google) smartphones.

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Can I take part using a tablet?

The app is not optimised for tablet devices but it is possible to install on a tablet if you prefer. The tablet must either be an iPad or a tablet that uses the Android (Google) operating system.

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How can I re-install the app or install on a new phone?

Click the following link on your smartphone to download the app:

Click here to download on iPhone

Click here to download on Android

If the link does not take you to the download please search the App Store (on iPhone) or Play Store (on Android phones) for 'ShopandScan'. Once you've found the app choose the install option.

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What is my username?

You will receive your username in your registration email after you sign up. If you have lost this email please contact the help desk. You only need to enter your username once after downloading the app, unless you change your phone.

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No surveys are displayed in the app

Please check that you have entered the correct username as shown in the confirmation email you received when you registered.

Click the download link (step 1) in the email and then press the refresh button within the app. This will refresh your login details.

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What is Lumi Survey?

Lumi Survey is a mobile app that allows surveys to be asked via smartphones. The ShopandScan app is developed by Lumi Mobile, a partner of Kantar Group for conducting mobile research. Please be assured that no personal details are passed outside of Kantar Group, and all data we may ask you to provide via the app is secure.

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Why do you want images of my receipts?

We can use the information on your receipts to understand the stores that you use and the types of products that you buy. This helps us to advise manufacturers and retailers about how well their products are performing.

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How do I submit till receipts?

Open the ShopandScan app on your phone and select the 'ShopandScan Receipts' survey, then simply photograph your receipt.

If you do not have a compatible smartphone you can simply scan or take a photo of your receipt and send it to us at

App users may also submit their receipt images via email if they have problems submitting via the app.

If you receive an email receipt for your purchase you can simply forward the email straight to us at

Read our guide to getting started for more detailed instructions.

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Which receipts should I send you?

Please send all of your retail receipts for the trips you make including those for groceries, high street and internet shopping. For example, please include all of the following types of goods:

You do not need to send us your receipts for cafes, restaurants, pubs, transport or other services.

Please send receipts for your own purchasing only, not items that were purchased for you.

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Do I need to send receipts for internet shopping?

Yes please, send any receipts for any shopping trips you make, even if made over the internet.

If you receive an email receipt for your purchases you can simply forward the email straight to us at

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What if the receipt includes some items for someone else?

Submit the receipt anyway, even if some items are not for you.

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Do I need to send receipts as soon as I make a purchase?

It is not necessary to send immediately after a purchase but please try to send as soon after your trip as possible so you do not forget.

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How should I capture long or double-sided till receipts?

Please try and photograph the whole receipt in one image. However, if it is very long (e.g. a grocery trip with more than 30 items) or a double-sided receipt you can take multiple photos. Please ensure you fit everything on the receipt is captured in the images.

Alternatively, you can cut very long receipts into sections (up to 3 parts) and take a picture in a single image.

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Can I photograph multiple receipts in a single image?

No, please include only a single receipt in each image.

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I have submitted the same receipt twice. What should I do?

We suggest that it is best to send receipts as soon as you receive them so you don't forget. However, we can identify duplicate receipts and remove them from our data so you don't need to do anything if you make a mistake.

Please note that you will only receive a single reward for submitting the same receipt multiple times.

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Can I check which receipts I've already sent?

It is not currently possible to see details of which receipts you have sent us. We hope to provide an option to view this in the future.

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When do I receive my rewards?

The rewards for the receipts you submit will be credited to your reward account on a weekly basis. E.g. for receipts you send us this week we'll add the rewards to your account the following week.

Your reward for registering will be included in the rewards you receive for your first week's participation.

We'll send you an update of your reward account balance when rewards are credited.

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How can I check my rewards balance?

Rewards will be credited to your reward account on a weekly basis and we'll notify you with an update of the balance and a link to redeem your credit for gift vouchers.

Alternatively, please contact the helpdesk to check your balance or make a redemption at any time.

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My receipt shows credit card details, how can I remove these?

You can cover the card number or blank it out using a pen but please do not cover any details about the items purchased, price or the store or date.

Please also do not cut off the bottom of the receipt as often this includes the date and time of the trip which is very important to us.

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How much data does it take to send a receipt?

The amount of data required to send an image depends on your phone's camera resolution. Most smartphone cameras typically have a resolution of 3 megapixels or higher. Images at 3 megapixels will be around 500 kilobytes (0.5 megabytes).

On some smartphones it is possible to adjust the resolution of the camera, if so please set the camera to use at least 3 megapixels.

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Can I transmit by wi-fi only?

Yes, if you have a low data allowance on your mobile phone plan you can choose to transmit data over wi-fi only.

In the ShopandScan app home screen press the 'Menu' button then select the 'Settings' option and check the box for 'WiFi only'.

If you choose this option please remember to connect to a wireless network regularly in order to send your data.

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Can I send receipts by post?

No, we can only receive receipts via the app or the email address provided as we are unable to process receipts received from other sources.

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